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Sympathectomy to control excessive sweating

Sympathectomy to control excessive sweating
Sympathectomy very adequately control excessive sweating in the armpits that affects some people. Patients with this problem say that sweating will cause a stain on clothing axillary level, which is uncomfortable and causes patients to have to change clothes frequently, avoid light colored clothing and tend to use dark or black clothing not to show the marks produced by sweating. Hyperhidrosis in the armpits can be accompanied by a strong smell (called Bromhidrosis). Sympathectomy reduces underarm sweating over 95%. This means that achieved very good control, however, may continue to produce some sweating, which is significantly lower than the original sweating. No one can say with certainty that the sympathectomy eliminates underarm odor in the armpits, as this not only because of the humidity but also and importantly to the secretion of some substances that are produced by bacteria on the skin, which can continue after sympathectomy.

Patients who have a high level of underarm sweating, sweating on hands or face, should use based antiperspirant aluminum chloride as first choice before opting for surgery sympathectomy, here you will find the products that I recommend How to Control Hyperhidrosis. If underarm sweating is accompanied by sweating in the hands and face, sympathectomy surgery is an excellent management option. For patients in whom axillary sweating based solutions of aluminum chloride have been unsuccessful, sympathectomy is an excellent treatment option.

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