Welcome, my name is Jason Calderon, I'm dermatologist from University of Florida (U.S.). I want to share in this blog methods to control hyperhidrosis, and my experience in various treatments. I hope to help!

Why we sweat? and Why we smell bad?

why we sweat? why we smell bad?Sweating is a natural response of the body, caused by millions of sweat glands along this. Sweating is due to two factors. First, the sweat glands begin to occur when the body is overheated, ie are doing some physical activity or hot weather. Second, the person is nervous, kind of scared of something, or is embarrassed by any uncomfortable situation.

I would add third factor: hyperhidrosis, known as excessive sweating, many people who suffer from it know that you can break a sweat without heat, do some physical activity or being nervous, just  you sweat! and you smell bad.

There are two types of sweat glands. The eccrine glands are usually activated in response to overheating of the body, and secrete sweat that 99% pure water. And the apocrine glands, which are those that are activated when we are nervous, they are the cause of odor, since they are secreted sweat producing bacteria, which produce waste, and that smell unpleasant.

The eccrine glands are found in body parts, sweat occurs. Furthermore apocrine found in: armpits, soles of the feet, buttocks and below the neck.

Those with hyperhidrosis, when they sweat, usually these two glands are activated. Besides, always excessive sweating also occurs odor.

Sweat is healthy, because through it we release many toxins accumulated in the body and hydrates the skin, is hated by everyone, and that puts us in uncomfortable situations because it is unpleasant to have bathed in sweat armpits and shirts wet and yellow spots, much more awkward when we smell bad. People have the wrong idea, that a person who is sweaty and smell bad is unhygienic, they does not know that perhaps is more hygienic than many, but suffer from conditions such as hyperhidrosis or bromhydrosis.

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