Welcome, my name is Jason Calderon, I'm dermatologist from University of Florida (U.S.). I want to share in this blog methods to control hyperhidrosis, and my experience in various treatments. I hope to help!

Types of Hyperhidrosis

Types of Hyperhidrosis, sweat ArmpitsThere are several ways or presentation of the disease, each person is a different being so its many forms. 

Secondary Hyperhidrosis

It is a condition of excessive sweating widespread throughout the body. The causes of this are diseases such as chronic infections, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune disorders or tumors. These conditions will be diagnosed by a specialist and do not respond to sympathectomy. 

Hyperhidrosis on Hands

They are the hands that are constantly very humid, this can occur independently or in combination with sweating armpits arms or feet. Findings may also include facial flushing (reddening of the face), is caused by over-stimulation of the sweat glands by the sympathetic nervous system. These symptoms occur even in cold temperature environments and the hand is cold and pale. 

Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating under the arms, breasts and back. Also occurs with palmar hyperhidrosis, feet and facial flushing. The clothes are always wet armpits and a big sweat stain. These people use a lot of black clothes and never wear flannels. 

Axillary Hyperhidrosis
Hyperhidrosis on Feet

Is excessive sweating of the feet for the same cause overstimulation of the sympathetic nerve system. In plantar hyperhidrosis nerves that stimulate the foot come from the thoracic and lumbar chains.

Approximately 70% of patients with plantar hyperhidrosis benefit thoracic sympathectomy, or treatment of hyperhidrosis of the upper body for sweating of the feet. No lumbar sympathectomy is recommended because it produces retrograde ejaculation in men and in women, urinary incontinence or inability of bladder control. We do not perform lumbar sympathectomy. 

Hyperhidrosis on Face

It is an abnormal physiological response in response to a variety of emotional stimuli. The mechanism is involuntary and is aggravated by anxiety. Although facial redness can occur without stress or anxiety.

The physiological flushing occurs in some individuals, but usually occurs in special situations. But people with severe facial redness present the "Tomato Face" all the time, neck, neck and ears are also affected and has a bright red color.

Those affected may develop a condition called social phobia anxious severely affecting their quality of life. These symptoms usually occur with palmar hyperhidrosis.

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