Welcome, my name is Jason Calderon, I'm dermatologist from University of Florida (U.S.). I want to share in this blog methods to control hyperhidrosis, and my experience in various treatments. I hope to help!

Sweaty Hands

The 25% of the time that our hands sweat, are consequences of nerves. Anxiety, nervousness and embarrassment are major causes of the sweat produced, is a natural reflection of the human body.

Sweaty HandsBut what really happens is that some people (including me) who sweat on the palms of the hands, even in a relaxed situation. This is because they also suffer from hyperhidrosis than affects us in our hands.

The truth is that this is a slightly more common experience among people. Almost all the hands sweat, but just gives a little embarrassed because some people sweat excessively, greet someone, ie, shaking hands with another person when we sweat, it's uncomfortable and it's terrible. Almost always greet someone before I hand dry I will shake the pants, even whether or not sweaty, simple custom (since I always sweat).

Hyperhidrosis on the hands is such that on average, a person can sweat that suffer from 200ml to 1200ml a day, amazing right? you can sweat between 2-6 glasses of water daily hands is far and did not even realize, but true.

The recommendations for this case I hyperhidrosis are few, because there are very few solutions available. For this case, the longer-term solution is Botox injection (the same as recommended for the armpits and feet). Since existing products to combat hyperhidrosis, very few were directed to the hands.

From personal experience I know that before leaving home I filled the hands of talc and this works for me like 3 hours without sweating.

Among the products published in this post, you will find one, it's a good short-term solution to this problem How to Control Hyperhidrosis.

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