Welcome, my name is Jason Calderon, I'm dermatologist from University of Florida (U.S.). I want to share in this blog methods to control hyperhidrosis, and my experience in various treatments. I hope to help!

Sweaty Armpits

Sweaty and smelly Armpits
The sweat in the armpits is the number one manifestation for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis. The problem of underarm sweating is that almost always comes accompanied by a bad smell. Those who suffer from this problem we tested hundreds of deodorants, and even Caceros remedies, women even test with men's deodorants, but this does not stop sweat. The sweat produced is completely involuntary, hyperhidrosis as published in past blogs is a condition that attacks at any time.

The brands produced by sweat in the armpits are the reason we all want to end this problem. Since sweat marks they look nasty, and people tend to think that descuidasmos our hygiene, we do not take showers, among other things to think about, which over time will produce psychological effects on us.

People who produce excessive underarm sweat, are twice as hygienic than people without this condition. The sweat in the armpits limits us when interacting with others, we always fallen arms trying to hide those sweat marks, the simple action of lifting the arms is very uncomfortable and so we tend to isolate ourselves. As a personal anecdote I tell them than there are days than i have to change shirt 7 times, since the problem of hyperhidrosis what we produce, but the smell on shirts is something that builds up over time, and for those who suffer from excessive underarms sweat know that only with a drop of sweat that falls over his shirt produces an unpleasant smell, which accumulates more and more on shirts.

The underarm sweating completely controls us, limits us and even makes us change lives, to change clothes, when we suffer from excessive sweating clothing change light colors darker colors to try to hide the sweat marks on the shirts.

So, how to stop excessive underarm sweating?

In this blog you can find various products that I recommend to control underarm sweating and odor control also produced by it. I recommend as dermatologist, products that work and that will not produce bad side effects.

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  1. This is a problem that has affected me since young, now I have 49 years and I have not found solution to this, excellent post ...