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Study About Smelly Armpits

Smelly Armpits
The dermatology faculty of University of Florida, U.S. conducted a study on what people thought of body odor, smelly specifically the armpits. We did a survey of 7 questions about this subject to one hundred randomly selected people in the city of Tampa, Florida. The questions were:

Answer Yes or No.

1. Do you suffer from smelly somewhere in the body?
5% Yes   95% No

2. You know anyone who suffers from bad smell?
90% Yes   10% No


3. You know anyone who suffers from smelly armpits?
85% Yes   15% No

4. Do you think the odor in the armpits is because that person is not hygienic?
80% Yes   20% No

5. Hyperhidrosis or know about Bromhidrosis?
5% Yes   95% No

6. Did you know that 90% of cases of bad odor or excessive underarm sweating due to the conditions mentioned in the previous question?
25% Yes   75% No

7. Knowing now that 90% of people suffering from bad odor or excessive underarm sweating is due to suffering from these conditions, continues to believe that these people are not hygienic?
40% Yes   60% No

This survey reveals that a large percentage of the population, at least in the U.S., do not know anything about hyperhidrosis.
More people need to know about this problem, because ignorance bring psychological effects due to hyperhidrosis sufferers and those who do not.

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